Fatima Fernandes - Counsellor and Psychotherapist Central and West London

About Counselling

What I do

As a humanistic integrative Counsellor Psychotherapist my roots are held on my firm belief in the human capacity to heal. This leads me to adapt my work according to client needs building on their own strength and uniqueness. The route or approach taken when engaging with a client is informed by the client. My integrative approach includes fundamental theoretical models such as , Person-Centred, Psychodynamic, EMDR, CBT, Cognitive and Behavioural reflecting at regular intervals making connections gaining insights about ourselves. My experience gained when working with substance misuse, trauma, bereavement, loss, relationship difficulties, gender issues, health or work related problems is valuable towards helping me connect with the people I work with. Here I build a therapeutic relationship based on trust seeing the potential in life being part of a journey where the route taken can vary with the aim and goal maintained.

I see people short term or on a open-ended basis favouring counselling with shorter goal setting work, adapting a psychodynamic approach when dealing with more entrenched deeper issues. Both in my Individual or couples work I provide a safe confidential and quiter space to work from.

In my work encouragement to share feelings is important to gain insights of how we are and the difficulties being faced. However, clients remain in control speaking at their own pace touching past difficulties when appropriate or possible. I am experienced at working with issues such as, anxiety, depression, relationships, post-traumatic stress disorders, Self esteem, gender related difficulties, trauma, bereavement, loss, panic attacks, addictions, health, work related problems and other issues.

Counselling in West Hampstead or Blackfriars will help with problems that life at times presents. My integrative approach is adapted in response to needs presented with sensitivity and care. Asking for help, taking that initial step to reach out takes courage which leaves me wanting to find out more about the person who takes such risk. In my work being curious in whatever problems or issues people may present helps to determine which route the initial work will take. In this initial stage is significant to build on the trust shown by the client who presents for therapy for the first time. Then feeling anxious doubtful or fearful is common making it important to value the sharing of such feelings. Creating a space where a client can feel safe and be heard is important to me. I remain committed to create a therapeutic environment that promotes recovery well being and positive outcomes.

What Conditions Can it Help?

Some of the conditions that counselling can help with are: Post traumatic experiences, depression, anxiety, anger, bereavement, loss, relationships, self-esteem, work related difficulties, physical and sexual issues, health problems and others including cultural dynamics at times present in people's life experiences.

What Benefits can be Expected?

Some of the benefits expected can be the recognition that life can be difficult but manageable. Gain strenght to deal with the here and now not to remain burdened or feeling overwellmed when faced with life's problems. The ability to value lived life experiences build from them reflecting on opportunities let go of blame develop a strong sense of self worth and empowerment. Other benefits expected from this work is learning to discover accept our own capacity to change. How dealing with the past gives us the opportunity to move on with our lives helping to create a future were personal goals can be reached well being possible.

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