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Individual therapeutic sessions £70 per session ( 50 minutes)
Couples work Sessions £80 per session ( 50 minutes )

Limited sliding scale available

Sessions are held weekly at a regular basis. Please contact me to arrange an initial meeting were we can discuss aims of the work as part of the assessment.

Further information

At times life can be problematic presenting difficulties and challenges that can leave us feeling lost. You may be struggling with difficult feelings, such as depression, anxiety, fear or sadness. Experiences such as the break up of a relationship, loss and bereavement, mid-life crisis, feeling older with life appearing senseless and empty. Moving through such experiences can feel isolating, frightening searching for the meaning to life.

Identity Race and Sexuality

Encountering problems when trying to relate to your self- identity defining your place within your family or the wider society can be an issue. Difficulties related to racial or sexual identity or family relationships may be present. You may have concerns involving how other people may perceive you struggle with finding a sense of self expression that reflects the true person you are.

Addictions and Compulsive Behaviour

Do you have problems with compulsive addictive behaviour and need a place to explore issues involved? The therapeutic work provided in counselling is something that will give you support to recover from drugs and alcohol.

Compassionate Counselling

I any of the above is something you are experiencing you will benefit from a safe and confidential space to share such difficulties, have the freedom to speak of the emotional load possibly you never have been able to speak of. I offer confidential compassionate and non-judgemental counselling for you to start to explore many of issues affecting you. To make sense of your own experiences gain clarity around feelings at times confusing uncertain. I work with people short term if dealing with recent or specific issues between (6 or 12 sessions). Long term (open ended) when working with someone who needs deeper therapeutic work.

An Integrative Approach

My approach is integrative drawing from a variety on theoretical approaches this allows me to adapt my work according to client needs. I work interactively valuing experiences compassionately offering a balance between support and challenges to aid self-exploration and a deepening of self-knowledge.

Relational Content

Much of the difficulties that people encounter in life are relational which arise out of contact with other people. Such difficulties can relate to early childhood experiences, if you were not given adequate care and support at such significant stage. Again if we are not able to get the support needed in current relationships, in either our personal or professional life we can continue to be influenced by old patterns of relating to others. Working with the relationship between myself and the clients enables me to explore the quality of that relationship that exists between myself and others. In this way I can offer a combination of support and challenge that will facilitate a more authentic way of being in relation to others.

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