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Counsellor in Camden and Blackfriars

Counselling / Supervision in Kings Cross and Islington

Couples counselling / Individual counselling

A way to find calm and relief from life's difficulties

Is life becoming more problematic?

Is anxiety, depression or relationship issues holding you back?

Is addiction or alcohol misuse affecting your life?

Struggling to manage or understand your feelings?

Feeling hurt and lost when a relationship ends?

Are traumatic experiences part of your past or present?

What can you expect from counselling and psychotherapy?

At the first session we will explore your aims in seeking therapy considering how we can work together to achieve best results. We will look into possible distresses any present difficulties you maybe be facing in life. You will be encouraged to share feelings, consider thought processes, reactions and behaviours to gain insight of yourself as a person. This opportunity of self discovery facilitates the way to find out how we exist in the world as people how we relate to others. Often when challenging our own deeply held self perceptions seeing them from a different perspective can provide insightful alternatives to the way we lead our lives. Here you will face challenges always guided with care and compassion reflecting on options open to you.

Insightful counselling involves a process that gives the opportunity to gain deeper understanding when problems occur, at what stages in our lives. Times when issues involved can arise due to health issues, loss, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, trauma, bereavement or addiction problems. When considering dynamics affecting our relationships opportunities can emerge to facilitate change. By making connections between past and present difficulties we can make sense of how we are and behave. This understand disperses the often familiar need to self blame increasing self esteem leading to self determination. We gain the confidence to be our true self who can relate to others without fear of judgement achieving self-acceptance and fulfilment.

I am an integrative humanist therapist and supervisor working with individuals, groups and couples.
Insightful counselling through self discovery facilitates empowerment to be your true self. My humanistic roots are based on the person centred approach which leads me to believe in our own capacity to heal when facing personal difficulties. In my practice I provide a confidential safe environment to reflect explore and promote well-being. I engage with people in either short or long term work depending on needs presented.

I have worked as a counsellor and group facilitator for many years helping clients struggling with depression, anxiety, bereavement, addiction, traumatic experiences, self acceptance, gender related difficulties and many other issues.

At times when finding ourselves sad depressed anxious angry not knowing were to turn questioning our purpose in life can feel overwhelming. Life often brings challenges that leave us feeling anxious out of control unable to make decisions confused questioning our own ability to find a way forward. Again when getting out of bed is a struggle or difficulty in sleeping becomes a problem.

Often difficulties that people encounter are relational arising out of their interactions with others. These can be rooted in early life experiences when significant relationships did not provide support needed or more recent relationships within our personal and professional life. How we react and perceive ourselves when engaging with others is determined by our lived experiences at the various stages in our lives.

Our capacity to be authentic is often related to a meaningful and fulfilling life. Working through our own pain around self discovery enables us to connect deeply with ourselves . This gives us the opportunity to discover a sense of who we are as people, our capabilities to achieve the personal fulfilment we yearn for.

I offer counselling psychotherapy and supervision in 2 locations :

Counselling in Camden, North London - Close to Caledonian Road, Islington. kings Cross, Holloway

Counselling in Mansion House, Central London - Close to Blackfriars, St Pauls, Cannon Street

Counselling or Psychotherapy?

The focus of the work determines the route.

Counselling - When at times difficulties in a relationship can leave us questioning reasons to be there. This is particularly useful with goal setting work when persistent difficulties or patterns of behaviour are involved.

Psychotherapy - Used when our view of the world and underlying assumptions shaped by our life experiences lead us to repeat negative patterns of behaviour. Such as, why do I tend to attract a particular person type in my relationships? Feeling second best again?

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North London
My practice in Camden is close to Calendonian Road, Camden, Kings Cross, Islington and Holloway Road. Click Here for a map.

Central London
My City practice is located at Albert Buildings in Queen Victoria Street, very close to Mansion House tube station and Cannon Street mainline station, and about half a mile from Blackfriars Bridge. Click Here for a map.

Other Languages provided: Portuguese

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